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Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution

Published on October 16, 2017

Mobile apps are quickly replacing web applications for the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. To master this shift, companies must offer great apps that run on a range of devices, and connect to an exploding set of back-end data. Axway Appcelerator is purpose-built for this new mobile reality, speeding delivery of beautiful cross-platform apps that mobilize any data source and drive success with real-time analytics.

Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution

Native apps. Mobile APIs. Real-time analytics. One solution.

With the Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution, you can eliminate point tools to scale mobile across the enterprise, drive innovation by unlocking back-end data sources for new app capabilities and measure the overall usage and success of the entire mobile app portfolio.

  • Create amazing app experiences across multiple operating systems and devices from a single JavaScript code base
  • Mobilize any data source, public or enterprise
  • Test apps faster with improved quality and control
  • Secure end-to-end visibility into test coverage, API usage, user experience, app adoption, and performance
  • Gain a real-time view of your mobile app portfolio for business and project stakeholders

Experience the difference

Axway Appcelerator is a unique solution that offers three distinct advantages:

1. A unified cross-platform solution purpose-built for mobile

Axway Appcelerator offers a unified, purpose-built and cloud-based cross-platform mobile solution to design, build, test, integrate and measure mobile apps. This encompasses:

• Design and build. Both an IDE and MVC framework, as well as the ability to perform real-time prototyping (as a code is written without requiring a recompile) as the app is developed

• Test. Automatic context-sensitive capture and replay (without jailbreaking), as well as integration with build automation tools for continuous testing

• Crash detection and performance monitoring. Discovery of end-user exceptions and crashes, along with actionable diagnostics down to the file and line of code that caused the problem

• Connection to public and enterprise data sources. A true, enterprise MBaaS capability allows companies to extend their enterprise architecture with mobile-optimized APIs backed by a scalable cloud architecture

• Analytics. A lifecycle dashboard provides a comprehensive real-time view of the end-to-end mobile lifecycle, from development through production

• Executive Insights. A real-time, tablet-based app dashboard for business owners to measure and manage key metrics around app adoption, usage, penetration and portfolio ROI

2. Open and extensible - always

For most vendor solutions, "integrated" means "monolithic." Not ours. The Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution is built on open standards and is fully extensible:

• A JavaScript app development environment, coupled with a JavaScript (via Node.js) back-end development environment, providing a single, open technology for all delivery work

• An SDK provides complete access to the underlying mobile operating systems (e.g., iOS, Android)

• Because MBaaS capabilities are built on Node.js, customers have access to 50,000+ publicly available Node Packaged Modules (NPMs)

• The Appcelerator Marketplace extends the solution with contributions from a vibrant community of 750,000+ developers, ISVs, and partners

• We play well with others: our solution is extensible to and from other vendor offerings

3. The world's largest mobile ecosystem

With our worldwide network of developers, partners, and ISVs, Axway Appcelerator offers companies a deep talent pool and a wellspring of continuous innovations that help scale mobile initiatives.

Faster time-to-market, lower costs

For mobile app development, the watchword is speed. Users - whether employees, customers or partners - expect a frequent cadence of apps and app capabilities. Axway Appcelerator enables fast, efficient time to market via

• Innovations to maximize your skillsets. Only with Appcelerator can developers create fully native apps from a common JavaScript code base. By building our capabilities on and around JavaScript, we've embraced one of the most powerful, simplest to learn, and widely available languages on the planet. Rather than needing to hire (or contract) expensive native language skillsets, you can tap your existing web/JavaScript developers - and/or draw from an enormous public talent pool of the same - for all mobile development.

• Component Reuse. By enabling JavaScript to be the sole language of delivery, Axway Appcelerator provides almost a 100% reuse of app code across the major platforms: iOS and Android and Windows. This is to say nothing of the library of components, widgets and APIs the solution provides to speed development and further reduce custom coding.

• Robust automation. From live prototyping (which eliminates static mockups and lets designers use XML and CSS-like syntax to quickly create live app prototypes) to the integration between the solution's automated testing capabilities and its IDE (so developers and testers alike can build regression test suites to prevent the same defect from occurring twice), we eliminate islands and brute force and enable end-to-end lifecycle automation.

Reduce risk

Customers who use Appcelerator are in good company. Not only are we the mobile solution of choice for 70% of the Fortune 100, our enormous ecosystem of partners and developers ensures a vast pool of expert resources, whatever your mobile aim. These points, coupled with the capabilities of the mobile solution, mean:

• Maximum delivery flexibility, regardless of whether internal or external resources are used for development and maintenance

• Back-end scalability and elasticity for maximum app performance, aligning with app adoption and user growth

• Swift knowledge transfer, from our expert training teams to your chosen delivery resources

Unlock innovation

While keep-the-lights-on activities are a necessary part of IT, winning enterprises are using mobile as a catalyst for business innovation - and the best CIOs are leading the way. How?

• Unleashing enterprise data for mobile innovation. With the solution's API Builder component, customers gain a wealth of mobile-optimized APIs, and the ability to easily create new ones. Good mobile APIs act as a spur to innovation. Think of them as Lego blocks: the better and more varied the collection of blocks you make available, the better and more creative the objects that people build. An enterprise that makes mobile-optimized APIs widely accessible to developers is positioned to make terrific innovation leaps, and at a pace that would never be achievable by top-down planning alone.

• Using analytics to create best-of-breed mobile experiences. The new mobile world is one in which apps vie for attention through the elegance of their design, and where users decide corporate fortunes with the swipe of a finger. This drives the need for app and portfolio measures unlike any we've seen. Good mobile analytics must provide insight into both the behavior of the app and the behavior of the user - the kind of intelligence delivered by the Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution, and which lets customers speed ahead of their competitors.

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