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Datastax - Apache Cassandra (Part 4)

Published on May 14, 2020

Datastax, Inc is data management company based in santa California. The company build one product, also named Datasstax, A storage application which uses Apache Cassandra. As of October 2017, the company has roughly 400 customers distributed over in 50 countries.

Datastax - Apache Cassandra (Part 4)


DataStax was built on the open source NoSQL database apache Cassandra. Cassandra was Innitially developed internally at facbook to handle large data set across multiple servers, and was released as an Apache open source project in 2008, in 2010, Jonathan ellis and Matt Pfeil left Rackspace, where they had worked with Cassandra launched Riptano in Austin, Texas.ellis and Pfeil later renamedthe Company Datastax, and moved its headquarters to Santa Clara, California.

The Company went on to create its own propriertary version of Cassandra, a No SQL database called Datastax enterprise (DSE). Version 1.0, released in October 2011, was the first commercial distribution of the Cassandra database, designed to provide real time application performance and heavy analytics on the same physical infrastructure. It grew to include advanced security controls graph database models, operational analytics and advanced search capabilities.

In Septemmber2014, Datastax raised $106 million in a series E founding round, raiing the total invesement in the company to $190 million.

In April 2016, the company announced the re;ease of Datastax Enterprise Graph data model functionally to DSE.

In March 2017 Datastax announced the release of its DSE Platform 5.1, which included improved search capabilities, improved security control, improvements to its graph data management and improvements to operational analytics preformence. Datastax also announced a shift in strategy, with an added focus on customer experience applications rather than a new set of technologies, the company started to offer advice on best practice of usersof its core DSE platform.

In april 2018, Darastax released DSE 6, with the new version focus on business using hybrid cloud computing model, with all benefits of a distributed cloud database on any public cloud or on premise, twice the responsiveness and ability to handle twice throughput.

In December 2018, Datastax released 6.7, which offers enterprise customers five key new feature upgrades, including improved analytics, geospatial search improved data protection in the cloud, enhanced performance insights and new developer integration tools with our Apache Kafka Connector and certified Doclers Images.

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