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How Solace Help Financial Institutions

Published on May 27, 2019

How do you distribute events across all these systems?

How do you deal with diverse APIs and protocols?

How do you make it manageable, scalable, secure and reliable?

How do you do it in real-time?

How Solace Help Financial Institutions

1. Payment Processing

  • Solace works with both new and established payments processors in this increasingly competitive market by efficiently distributing data between enterprise applications, third-party services and end users in real-time over all kinds of networks - LAN, WAN and web/mobile.

2. Next-Generation User Experience

  • By aggregating data across asset classes and exposing it via intuitive web-based interfaces, sell-side firms can give their clients previously unachievable visibility into complex opportunities for profitable trades. Solace enables the unified delivery of pricing, risk and liquidity information by performing low latency quote distribution, guaranteed order flow, and real-time streaming to mobile and web applications.

3. OMS and Trading Platforms

  • Solace PubSub+ meets the diverse data distribution needs of OMS and trading platforms for all asset classes. Our advanced event brokers handle low latency market data distribution and order handling in the front office, guaranteed delivery to risk, regulatory and settlement systems in the back office, as well as distribution over WANs and to web and mobile devices.

4. FX Trading

  • FX trading banks use PubSub+ as the data movement foundation of their trading systems. Solace enables the fast, reliable distribution of currency prices, risk data and trades with mission-critical reliability and the unique ability to maintain low latency even at the massive volumes FX trading demands.

5. Exchanges

  • PubSub+ meets the data distribution needs of exchanges through its ability to distribute data feeds to large number of systems and subscribers, and as a buffer between real-time and non-real-time applications.

6. Market Data Distribution

  • Solace efficiently routes market data to systems and people that need it with low latency. With support for many different kinds of data distribution in a compact, cost-effective platform, PubSub+ is the ideal transport bridge for OpenMAMA-based market data distribution systems.

Source: Solace

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