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Induction Training

Published on September 23, 2016

Jakarta, September 23, 2016 - Induction training is absolutely essential for new employees, regardless of whether they are experienced or not. When it comes to a new company, new employees need to know more about their new place of work, they want to quickly integrate into a new team. Many companies conduct induction training program to help employees integrate into the work environment. SPS is no exception.

Induction Training

Took place on 23 September 2016, ten new employees following the induction training which was started by Mr. Aswan as the President Director of SPS introduce more about SPS. Then followed by the Director of each division are explained in more detail each of the divisions' subordinates.

This induction training covering corporate culture, corporate strategy, organizational structure, personnel welfare system, and a general knowledge of the company. So it can help new employees quickly adapt to their new environment and work and then improve the performance of their work.

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