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Introducing Axway Amplify

Published on November 16, 2016

AMPLIFY is a perfect representation of our new, bold brand with the promise of realizing the transformational power in every one of our customers. You can now overcome the limitations of omnichannel strategies. Instead of an enterprise-centric, enormously rigid and painfully slow approach to building digital experiences, you have more freedom than ever to remake existing business models and invent new ones. Second, organizations can accelerate innovation with communities of employees, partners, suppliers and developers in new customer experience networks. That means you can share data more easily and collaborate on new experiences that unite your customers' virtual and physical interactions into a seamless digital journey. And third, for customers with solutions like Appcelerator, API Management Plus, Decision Insight, B2Bi, SecureTransport and Central Governance/CFT, you can simply upgrade to take advantage of a more delightful user experience with single sign-on, a beautiful new UI style and familiar navigation.

Introducing Axway Amplify

So what is AMPLIFY?

AMPLIFY is a cloud-enabled data integration and engagement platform that transforms connections between people, businesses and machines so that they become more agile and adaptable. Developers, architects, and digital leaders can use AMPLIFY for everything they need to power unique inventions, from apps, connectors and transformations to workflows, dashboards and policies. It lets you create, run and scale API-enabled services as well as open access to a marketplace of prebuilt services and 'service accelerators' for bootstrapping new services.

In a unified, secure environment, AMPLIFY enables real-time, streamlined data for improved engagement with all your stakeholders. Using the new platform, you can:

Future Innovation with Golden Gate Early Adopter Program

AMPLIFY was designed with your organization's current and future needs in mind. Future innovations we plan to deliver with AMPLIFY - a project code-named Golden Gate - will reimagine lifecycle management capabilities to help create, govern, engage, consume and measure engagement with API-based services as well as creating an even more efficient way to onboard and manage communities to those services, including employees, suppliers, partners, and developers. Project Golden Gate will also bring a powerful framework for deploying, managing and scaling containerized services both in the cloud and on-premise with enterprise-grade security, high availability and comprehensive visibility.

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