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Transform Your Company with an API-First Strategy for Digital Business

Published on October 26, 2016

Disruptive market forces, emerging technologies and the consumerization of IT have organizations clamoring for new platforms that can support rapid change and digital business innovation.

APIs will play an integral part in this digital transformation because they enable integration between internal systems and the broader customer ecosystem. They are the nimble messengers between applications, the cloud, mobile devices and IoT; the building blocks for all kinds of digital apps and services; the foundation of modern integration; and the interface expected by app developers. So, if you're going to transform your business to accelerate design and delivery, drive success and value with partners, and reimagine the customer experience, you need a digital strategy that puts APIs first.

Transform Your Company with an API-First Strategy for Digital Business

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If you need to create a digital ecosystem that supports rapid change, encourages engagement and turns IT and business leaders into true innovators. So your company can:

  • Reimagine the customer experience across virtual and physical channels - the full digital spectrum
  • Quickly build and release mobile apps that boost satisfaction and loyalty
  • Create and manage APIs to unlock the back-end data and services needed to power rich, personalized interactions
  • Use analytics to understand and predict what works and what doesn't

Axway can help by Ecosystem Engagement.

If you need to build a secure and agile data integration infrastructure by combining API, MFT and B2B into shared services. So your company can:

  • Leverage existing assets to preserve past investment and be ready for a digital future
  • Secure existing integration services and leverage them for maximum efficiency
  • Ensure real-time, end-to-end visibility into all data streams for better decision-making
  • Establish a multi-channel, omnipresent business model to reach consumers wherever they are
  • Inspire greater engagement among partners, suppliers and others in your trading community

Axway can help by Integration Foundation.

If you need to speed innovation with complete API lifecycle management for developers, security architects, integration teams and lines of business. So your company can:

  • Easily create new APIs and microservices that power rich, omni-channel experiences
  • Secure APIs, control access, speed time to market and optimize performance
  • Foster API consumption, improve engagement with your developer ecosystem and track usage to generate API revenue
  • Analyze and measure what matters to see what works, fix what's wrong and keep getting better

Axway can help by Full API Lifecycle Coverage.

If you need to integrate cloud and on-premise applications and services. So your company can:

  • Simplify integration to and from cloud services (SaaS) such as with API-centric transformation, mediation and policy enforcement
  • Enable SSO and fine-grained access control across cloud and on-premise applications
  • Protect sensitive data as it travels to and from the cloud
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the cloud services your business depends on

Axway can help by Cloud Integration.

If you need to deliver and manage secure mobile access to back-end applications. So your company can:

  • Easily create the APIs you need for your mobile apps
  • Quickly expose internal services as lightweight, mobile-ready APIs
  • Connect your mobile APIs with existing cloud apps
  • Automatically generate your mobile API documentation
  • Centralize management of mobile notifications

Axway can help by Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS).

If you need to manage APIs for the Internet of Things (IoT). So your company can:

  • Manage APIs to control connected devices and access real-time information from device sensors
  • Protect connected devices from unauthorized consumers and external threats using a secure gateway
  • Scale to support millions of consumers and petabytes of data
  • Audit, monitor, log and report API usage to meet stringent compliance mandates

Axway can help by Manage APIs for the Internet of Things.

If you need to extend SOA beyond the firewall. So your company can:

  • Easily convert between SOAP-based web services, XML messages and REST APIs
  • Integrate Web services, APIs and other technologies using a lightweight, API-centric alternative to traditional ESBs
  • Manage and monitor web services and REST APIs to prevent unauthorized usage, data access or external attacks
  • Govern the lifecycle of web services and APIs

Axway can help by SOA and XML Gateway.

If you need to secure and protect web services and REST APIs. So your company can:

  • Protect against malicious attacks, including Denial of Service (DoS), code injection and other threats with built-in security and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities
  • Enforce fine-grained access control across developers and organizations for messaging, APIs and web services
  • Implement encryption, authentication, authorization, SLA and other policies using rules and a configure-not-code approach
  • Provide end-to-end audit trails without coding through configuration and pre-built analytics

Axway can help by API Security and Threat Protection.

If you need to bridge identity relationships across domains. So your company can:

  • Simplify API access control
  • Mediate identities and security tokens across common identity and access management systems
  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) or leverage "Social Login" for your applications
  • Extend web access management to APIs

Axway can help by Identity and Access Federation.

If you need to extend legacy gateways and appliances to support cloud, mobile, and other REST API projects. So your company can:

  • Easily extend or replace an existing SOA or XML gateway such as IBM DataPower or CISCO ACE XML Gateway
  • Leverage modern cloud-based infrastructure, rather than being confined to on-premise deployment models
  • Build and manage APIs more easily with a graphical configure-not-code approach and pre-built, reusable components
  • Gain fast and efficient support for mobile-specific types, including REST, JSON and OAuth

Axway can help by Legacy Gateway Replacement.

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