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Digital Innovation


Digital Innovation


Leading The Next Era of Data Security and Management

At Cohesity, we believe that simplicity is the foundation of modern data management.

Our mission is to radically simplify how organizations secure and manage their data and unlock limitless value.

Your data is a uniquely valuable resource, but ensuring your business can use it to best advantage has become too complex  and risky. Ransomware attacks a business nearly every second of every day. And fragmented, single-purpose tools - even  newer SaaS-based versions - are increasing the attack surface  as well as cost and complexity. They treat data security and management as separate worlds.

Cohesity is different. Cohesity has adapted the software design principles of cloud hyperscalers - such as Google and AWS that manage the world’s consumer data - and is bringing scale, simplicity, and security to enterprise-class data security and management. The result is the Cohesity Data Cloud.

Cohesity has strong partnerships with leading cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. Key data center partners include Cisco, HPE, Pure Storage, Nutanix, and VMware.

eG Innovations

Cloud-Based Application Performance and It-Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

More than ever, IT applications and infrastructures are critical for any organization’s business. Whether the application is deployed on-premises or in the cloud, if an application is slow, the business suffers.

  • When employees are not productive because the digital tools they use are slow or unresponsive, it costs the business money.
  • Customers who can't place an order on a website because the billing system is down may go to a competitor.
  • When a medical staff can't access a patient's records because the database is slow, it impacts the quality of patient care.
  • If a logistics company can't move perishable goods because its system has frozen, this causes irreparable damage to its reputation.

Our mission and the reason we do what we do at eG Innovations is to ensure that IT applications and infrastructures deliver the performance that is expected of them, so organizations can focus on their core business.

Our products are used by IT operations, IT architects, SREs, SMEs, DevOps personnel and developers to ensure that users get the best possible digital experience. When performance problems happen, our patented root-cause diagnosis engine helps answer the toughest IT question of today, which is “why is the application slow?”.

By proactively detecting issues and quickly troubleshooting them, our solutions ensure service uptime and performance remains high. At the same time, our solutions provide guidance and recommendations that allow organizations to do more with their existing IT investments, so they can get the best ROI from IT.


We are Cyber Defenders. We Stop Cyber Threats. All Day. Every Day.

As a recognized global cyber defender that stops cyber threats all day, every day – we enable our clients to conduct their business securely.

Trustwave detects threats that others can’t see, enabling us to respond quickly and protect our clients from the devastating impact of cyberattacks. We leverage our world-class team of security consultants, threat hunters and researchers, and our market-leading security operations platform to relentlessly identify and isolate threats with the right telemetry at the right time for the right response.

Trustwave is a leader in managed detection and response (MDR), managed security services (MSS), consulting and professional services, database security, and email security. Our elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team provides award-winning threat research and intelligence, which is infused into Trustwave services and products to fortify cyber resilience in the age of advanced threats. 


DataSunrise delivers innovative Database and Data Security Platform & Compliance software to customers worldwide. 

Our company was founded by a talented team with a strong background in enterprise security, data protection and database management systems.

DataSunrise implements real-time traffic and event monitoring, data masking, sensitive data discovery, risks and deep SQL queries analysis and secures your sensitive data everywhere in the clouds, on-premises or in hybrid environments.

DataSunrise, Inc. is a private corporation with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

What We Do

DataSunrise is on the mission to secure customer data in the cloud or on-prem and address emerging cybersecurity challenges in the modern economy.

DataSunrise solves the compliance challenges for organizations that fight against information security threats. We are convinced that the best data security software has to be easy-to-use.


Gain comprehensive data loss prevention in one unified suite of products

Trellix provides four products that span discovery, monitoring, prevention, and endpoint. By combining all these pieces, organizations find that integrated security reduces the risk of data loss and helps improve the maturity of security processes. You can move past reactive operations which often can’t keep up with the volume, speed, and sophistication of today’s threats to a fully optimized proactive security process.

  • Trellix DLP Discover
  • Trellix DLP Prevent
  • Trellix DLP Monitor
  • Trellix DLP Endpoint

Trellix is trusted by the world's leading and largest organizations.
More than 40,000 customers, including 80% of the Fortune 100, rely on living security from Trellix.

IoT Solution

IoT Solution is an advanced IoT platform designed specifically to handle heavy-duty enterprise-grade  solutions. It supports wide-range of industrial sensors, various business purposes, and cloud scalability. Provisense helps you handle the engineering needs of IoT while you focus on your business.

  • Sensor Customization
    We develop custom sensor from from architecting to deploying the whole solutions.
  • Application Development
    We provide application development services that can be tailored to the needs of your company and device.
  • Development Support
    We ensure and assist your daily operations with our powerful IoT solutions.


We'll Help to Fast-Track Language Learning

We’re dedicated to helping educators, HR professionals, test takers, learners and parents on every step of the learning journey.

  • Designed by world-leading learning experts
    Over 30 years of working with top language learning experts mean everything we do is tried, tested, refined and tested again. Learn more about our experts and receive their tips and tricks for your language learning journey.
  • Only Pearson has the Global Scale of English
    We’ve taken the CEFR and, with the help of more than 6,000 teaching experts around the world, made it even better. Find out what we’ve done and why you should only learn and teach with the Global Scale of English (GSE).
  • Stay engaged with our exclusive collaborations
    We create award-winning content that is proven to engage and get results. We’ve formed 1,000s of partnerships with educators, learners and thought leaders including Disney, BBC and Financial Times.

English Tests for Everyone

No matter your goal, we have the right English test to help you achieve your dream score fast.

1. Pearson Test of English (PTE)

  • Achieve your dream of studying, working or migrating abroad.
  • English tests for study, work and visas
  • Ideal for going to the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  • Accepted for visa applications by the Australian, New Zealand and UK governments
  • Trusted by over 3,000 universities and colleges globally
  • Results typically within 2 days 

2. Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC)

Achieve the next step in your English language journey and unlock study and work opportunities in your country.

  • Demonstrate English proficiency for employment progression
  • English ‘lifetime’ certificate to add to your CV
  • Fast, flexible, user-friendly and inexpensive test
  • Take any time from home
  • Results typically within 2 days

3. Versant

Our tests are designed to assess practical, business-relevant language skills across speaking, writing, reading and listening. Plus, a manager dashboard to track results and identify future training needs.

  • 4 skills: Tests speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, giving you confidence in your employees' ability to seamlessly transition between any communication channel
  • Speaking only: Test for comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation, perfect for customer-facing roles
  • Writing only: Suitable for those specializing in note taking, summarizing and email communication
  • Test spoken English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Dutch


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