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Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation


Axway Enables Enterprise Customers to Securely Open Everything

We believe that, in order to create the most value for your customers, partners, and employees, you need to Open Everything by securely integrating and moving data across a complex world of old and new technologies

Axway 5 Suite Learn how this comprehensive suite of solutions can help you achieve more predictive business interactions with total visibility and complete control of your data flows:

  1. API Management Integrate cloud and mobile to protect and grow your business in the new API economy
  2. B2B & EDI Integration Improve efficiency and business performance by updating your B2B and EDI infrastructure
  3. MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance Secure and manage file transfers to ensure regulatory compliance and meet your Service Level Agreements
  4. Operational Intelligence Track, monitor, measure and improve the data flows that support your business processes
  5. Secure Email & Secure File Sharing Deploy complete email protection that leaves no gaps in your inbound defenses or outbound security

More than 11,000 companies across banking, healthcare, supply chain, and other industries look to Axway to enrich their customer experience, accelerate innovation, and simplify data security and governance. Such as, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Commonwealth Bank, Toyota Astra Motor, PT Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Danamon, PT Bank Mandiri Taspen, BCA Digital, Prodia, etc.


APIwiz was founded to address the pervasive issues API teams were facing, with a mission to help enterprises manage the API landscape at scale with a low code APIOps platform.

Drawing from their combined 30 years of experience in engineering, sales, and working with Fortune 100 companies on greenfield API projects, its founders realized there was an opportunity to develop a platform that could go beyond simply selecting from existing software and provide businesses in the API economy with total power over their strategy towards managing and profiting from APIs - all within one unified platform. With this vision of "One place. One solution. One view" at its core, APIwiz promises unrivaled control for any organization leveraging its platform capability.


Powering the World's Connections.

Kong makes connecting APIs and microservices across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier and faster than ever. We power trillions of API transactions for leading organizations globally through our end-to-end API platform.

Our growing team of engineers and tech professionals work passionately to drive the future of API innovation and service control platforms to help our community and our customers stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Why is Kong king for Modernization?

The fastest, most-adopted API gateway is just the start.

The world’s most sensitive and critical traffic volumes run on Kong. Why? With battle-tested open-source technology and enterprise-grade solutions and support, Kong is the most trusted and performant cloud-native API management platform for the modern tech stack.

And since Kong is cloud, protocol, and language agnostic, our products work seamlessly with both emerging and legacy technologies. That’s why developers building modern enterprises find success with Kong.

WIB API Security

APIs are the backbone of today’s open, digital, app-driven world. Their criticality has put APIs in the crosshairs of attackers, leading to them becoming the #1 cybersecurity attack vector. Wib deliver cutting-edge API security that empowers innovation without API risk.

Advanced API security: Protecting the digital Economy. Empowering Innovation

Wib is on a mission to secure the APIs that power today’s modern economy. By delivering API integrity and assurance we liberate modern organisations from the security constraints that threaten business evolution, integrity and growth. With Wib, digitally driven enterprises have the freedom to innovate with immunity to gain business advantage in today’s API first economy.

Our Holistic Approach

Wib’s Fusion platform is an all-encompassing API security solution that defines your entire API inventory, defends against API security vulnerabilities, and provides actionable intelligence to de-risk your business. The Fusion platform fuses insights and data from all stages of the API development cycle – code, testing and production – to provide enterprise with a truly holistic view of their API estate.


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