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Digital Workforce

OrangE HR Solution

Trusted More Than 18 Years, Used More Than 200.000 Users

OrangE offers and optimal human capital management system to raise workforce performance, transforming into a competitive strength, it stands out with its width and depth of among the best human capital management strategic, self service and innovative design. OrangE affords human capital manager significant advantages in strategic functions such as talent management, KPI and competency employee, aligning and optimizing workforce development.


  • Centralizing multi-companies and multi-locations employees data recording.
  • Simplifying HR administrative tasks which results to the time and cost efficiency.
  • Covering the employee's recruitment, competency, employee's development, training and performance assessment.
  • High data security. Data are encrypted. Only the designated users are able to see the employees salary details and the process of salary payment.
  • Saving time in salary processing with numerous employees.
  • Always up to date features supporting current tax systems and government regulations.

OrangE Software provides web-based and cloud-based Human Resource Information System. We developed this HR system according to the needs of companies in Indonesia, and has been trusted by many of our customers since 2003 until now.

As a local software company with more than 15 years of experience, our consultants and development team really understand the details of the HR department and the tax system in Indonesia.

OrangE is made in modular, so companies can choose modules based on their needs. Then fully integrated, all modules in OrangE are integrated with each other. As well as strategic planning and development data and complete employee profiles make it easier for companies to manage and develop the competencies of their employees.


  • Core Module: The core module of OrangE is Personnel Administration.
  • Operatives Modules: Operative modules are modules for daily HR operational and administrative activities.
  • Strategic Modules: Strategic modules contain the modules related with the strategic organizational issues of human capital.
  • HR Analysis: The Human Resource Analysis Module is an add-on module to make employee analysis.


  • Personal Administration
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Leave
  • Travel Expense
  • Medical Benefit
  • Recruitment
  • Competency Management
  • Performance Assessment
  • Training Administration
  • Employee Development
  • HR Analysis
  • Employee Self Service
  • Customizable

OrangT – Collaborative Learning

OrangT is a 100% solution made by Indonesian, developed for support process activities learning  and teaching.

Learning Management Systems (LMS), are software platforms designed to manage, distribute and track employee training. Used in corporate settings to deliver online courses, track employee progress, provide compliance training and customer education.


  1. Makes Learning Fun & Interesting
  2. Flexible Time & Place
  3. Increase Employee Competency
  4. Reduce Total Cost & Generate Revenue

Why OrangT?

  • Content in One Place
    LMS OrangT allows you to store various types of training materials, quizzes, assignments, questionnaires, and various training materials along with their history in one place, thereby reducing the risk of losing important data.
  • Easy Monitoring
    LMS OrangT makes it easy for you to analyze students' understanding and development. Can measure student interaction with the content of training materials.
  • Fun Learning
    LMS OrangT makes training more interesting and fun, and increases competition among employees with a point, reward and leaderboard system.


  • Elearning
  • Assesment & Random Quiz
  • Knowledge Management
  • Calendar Training
  • Analytic & Reporting
  • Daily Checkin
  • Gamification
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Ask the Expert
  • E-Library
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Social Learning
  • Multi Company

OrangP – Penilaian Karyawan

Scoring, Monitoring & Reporting

OrangP is a 100% solution made by Indonesian, developed for support employee performance appraisal process.


  1. OrangP is able to reduce the long traditional assessment stages and processes to become more effective and efficient thereby reducing employee workload.
  2. OrangP can be accessed anytime, anywhere, anyone, and from any device.
  3. OrangP is able to implement a 360 degree feedback method which makes the assessment more objective.
  4. OrangP allows superiors to monitor the values ​​of their subordinates so as to provide accurate, transparent assessment data and build employee trust.


  • Assessment
    The assessment process becomes more efficient by using the OrangP application.
  • Employee Reward
    • Employees can get rewards from the assessments that have been carried out.
  • Monitoring
    • Supervisors can see the values ​​that have been given to their subordinates
  • Reporting
    • Reporting facility to get an assessment report in excel format.
  • Approval
    • There is an approval process from the supervisor for each assessment that has been carried out



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